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Elderly Care: Signs That Indicate a Need for Home Care


If an aging parent or elderly family member has expressed a desire to age in place, they are not alone. A survey conducted by the AARP shows nearly 90% of seniors in the U.S. prefer to stay in their homes as they age. Fortunately, aging in place is possible with in-home care in Florida.

If you’re unsure of the right time to receive in-home support, we will share the signs that indicate a need for home care:

  • An Existing Chronic Condition
    When your aging loved one is struggling with a chronic condition, chances are they need daily assistance to maintain their quality of life. A home health aide can provide daily, practical assistance to help with tasks like bathing, moving, preparing meals, eating, and more. This helps manage their condition while preserving their dignity and independence.
  • Frequent Forgetfulness
    Although it’s normal to forget an important date or an appointment now and then, frequent forgetfulness is not a part of healthy aging. In some cases, forgetfulness can be a sign of an underlying condition. This can also jeopardize your loved one’s health as it can lead to missed medical appointments and forgetting to take their medication.
  • A Decline in Personal Hygiene
    Poor personal hygiene can be caused by many factors. Cognitive decline, depression, or dulling senses can make it challenging for older adults to look after themselves. Fear or discomfort in using the bathroom as well as impaired mobility can also lead to poor hygiene.

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