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Amount of Independence and Assistance for Seniors

amount-of-independence-and-assistance-for-seniorsAs a provider of Home Health Care in Greenacres, Florida, we believe that every senior deserves to live with dignity regardless of their ability or disability to walk or move around.

When a person is immobilized, some may think they cannot do things on their own anymore. Caregivers tend to help the elders with all the tasks they need to do, bypassing the choice of the seniors. Have you even realized that they might want to do it themselves?

As their Home Health Aide, here are some favors you can do for the elderly:

  • Respect their preferences.
  • Do not underrate them and their abilities.
  • Promote their physical and mental wellness by keeping them active.
  • Assess if they can do things alone and assist only when they ask for help.

If you think they can still do the job, let them. That way, they can remain independent and boost their self-confidence. But in case you need to limit their activities due to pre-existing conditions or a doctor’s advice, explain it to them thoroughly to avoid conflicts and complaints. Remember, it is also the job of caregivers from In-Home care in Florida to keep seniors safe.

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